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Regular Dance Classes


Monthly dance Classes everybody can join anytime for monthly basic plan Adityas Monthly dance classes are an enjoyable way for children as young to develop their physical skills, help to channel their energy, stimulate their imaginations and promote their creative thoughts We structure our classes so all the students feel comfortable and welcome. We know that everyone has their own special gifts and we want to nurture these and help students develop new skills. Emphasis is on fitness and fun incorporating Bollywood dance moves in a routine that is a great cardio workout. We have highly qualified teachers who teach these dances.However, we do not push you to go beyond what you feel you can do and we can give low impact alternative steps. Of course the steps learned can be re-choreographed into your own routines and also we promote our students in the stage shows, TV shows, Photo shoots & the Bollywood industries


All Bollywood dance, Punjabi Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Classical dance, Acting and Modelling


Dance courses are based on duration of 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and monthly. Certificates are given to 12 month diploma graduates.

Annual Show

All Adityas students get the opportunity to perform Adityas annual show Dance Canada Dance.

Class Schedule:-


6pm - 7:30pm - BOLLYWOOD & HIP-HOP MIX   (Admission Closed)
TEAM (Age 16-22 years) STUDIO B


bolly4:30pm - 6pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Closed)
BEGINNERS (Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

4:30pm - 6pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Closed)
(Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

6pm - 7:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Closed)
BEGINNERS (Age 8-12 years) STUDIO A


4:30pm- 6pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Closed)
(Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

6pm - 7:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX  (Admission Closed)
(Age 8-12 years) STUDIO A


BEGINNERS (Admission Closed)
(Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

6pm - 7:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Closed)
BEGINNERS (Age8-12 years) STUDIO A


4:30pm - 6pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX  (Admission Open)
(Age 3-6 years) STUDIO A

4:30pm - 6pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 7-12 years) STUDIO B

6pm - 7:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 6-8 years) STUDIO A

6pm - 7:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 9-14 years) STUDIO B 


11am-12:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

11pm - 12:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 8-12 years) STUDIO B

12:30 - 2pm - BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 3-7 years) STUDIO A

12:30pm -2pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 12-16 years) STUDIO B

2pm-3:30pm BOLLYWOOD-HIP-HOP-BHANGRA MIX (Admission Open)
(Age 14-20 years) STUDIO A


11am - 12:30pm -BHANGRA ONLY (Admission Open)
(Age 5-8 years) STUDIO A

12:30pm - 2pm BHANGRA ONLY (Admission Open)
(Age 9-14 years) STUDIO A

2pm - 3:30pm GIDDHA ONLY (Admission Open)
(Age 5-10 years) STUDIO A


Terms of Payment:-

1. Register payment via Cash or credit card will be accepted.
2. There is a one time registration fee of $45 annually per student.
4. Late fee of $10.00 will be applied if payment is not received on time.

Rules & Regulations:-

1. Any dancer participating in a dance class takes certain incumbent risks.
2. These include, but are not limited to sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones.
3. Participation in ADITYAS indicate the acceptance of such risks.
4. ADITYAS and the host venue assume no responsibility for personal injury
or property lost at its events.
5. I will not hold the ADITYAS responsible in case of accidents or injuries
that occur during dance class or performances.
6. If interested in joining the next year’s Dance Course, I will assure that
I inform ADITYAS a month before the next Course starts. If I fail todo so,
I will have to follow the new rates and charges where applicable.
7. Always be polite and courteous to others. Respect those around you bolly2
and the facility being utilized.
8. Punctuality is important. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier on of the classes.
9. Students arriving to class more than 15 minutes late without prior notification will not be able to join class. Being late to class consistently will result in dismissal from the course without refund.
10. Dress code is Adityas T-shirt. Hair must be tied back in a pony tail away from your face. Avoid wearing earrings or jewelry which wil interfere when dancing.
11. No Chewing gum and candy allowed while class is in session.
12. We will not bear any bad conduct or wrong behavior. Frequent
violation of this rule will result in dismissal from the course without refund.
13. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the class.
14. Persons not participating in classes will not be allowed in the dance studio.
Parents are welcome to view the class progress in the last class of the month
for 15 minutes.
15. No cameras or camcorders are allowed in the studio, except with prior
written permission. All photographs or videos taken by management during
the classes or events are copyright of Adityas Dance School.
16. If you are unable to attend a class, please notify your instructor in advance.
Although there are no separate make-up classes for individual missed classes,
upon the student’s return, the teacher will make every effort to catch the
student up to class speed.
17. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR MISSED CLASSES. If the instructor cancels class due to severe weather, an emergency, or any other unforeseen reason, a make-up class will be scheduled. No refunds will be given if you do not attend a make-up class.


Dont forget Adityas Regular Dance Classes is the only school in B.C. which teaches Bollywood dance, Punjabi Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Modelling and Acting and we don’t have any other branches. Adityas is trying to bring all the communites together. So join Adityas Regular Dance Classes today and live a healthy and a fit life.

Classes are open to all ages and fitness levels

Everyone is welcome to join Adityas dance school!